It is important for a tourist in Haiti to stay online. In the country, there is a key mobile carrier that provides cheap local SIM cards, which are great for travellers as compared to roaming plans. With a Digicel Haiti SIM card, one can quickly call friends, look for data, as well as navigate via mobile internet in the support of national network.

 Below are some information regarding on Digicels’ reliable cellular service in Haiti.

digicel haiti sim cards buying guide

I. Quick Facts about Digicel Haiti

quick facts about digicel in haiti
  • Founded: 2001
  • Company Name: Unigestion Holding S.A
  • Services: Mobile, fixed, broadband
  • Subscribers: Over 4 million
  • Coverage: 90% population coverage
  • Stores/Agents: 140+ company-owned stores, over 5,000 authorized dealers

Digicel first launched service in Haiti in May 2006 and rapidly grew to become the leading mobile operator. They provide prepaid and postpaid mobile services, fixed home services, and mobile financial services under the Digicel Money brand. With over 90% population coverage on their fast 4G/LTE network, Digicel is a great option for connectivity during your travels in Haiti.

II. Digicel Haiti Coverage and Speed

1. Digicel Coverage in Haiti

Digicel has the most extensive network in Haiti, covering over 90% of the population. Their service extends across all 10 departments of Haiti including major cities like Port-au-Prince, Cap Haïtien, and Jacmel. Digicel’s coverage also reaches some more remote and rural areas that may be lacking service from other operators. As the market leader, Digicel has invested heavily in their network which is an advantage for tourists seeking consistent service during travel.

2. Digicel Haiti Speed

Digicel offers fast 4G/LTE service in most areas with theoretical download speeds up to 150 Mbps on compatible devices. In congested urban zones and remote locations, practical speeds are often slower but still adequate for most travel needs like social media, messaging, calls, music/video streaming, and web browsing. Digicel has been steadily upgrading to improve capacity and speeds on its network. For the best speeds, get a Digicel SIM or eSIM and ensure your phone supports LTE Band 3 which they use for 4G.

III. Best Digicel Haiti SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

The two best Digicel SIM options for visitors to Haiti are:

1. Digicel Tourist SIM Card

  • Designed for foreign visitors
  • 7-day validity
  • Comes with bonus credit for local calling/texting
  • Costs around $10 USD

This tourist starter pack comes with 100 HTG credit ($1 USD) valid for 7 days. It includes a Digicel SIM optimized for tourists. The bonus credit helps offset the SIM cost and lets you test the network. Top-up to add more credit as needed.

2. Standard Digicel Prepaid SIM Card

  • No set validity, top-up to add credit
  • No bonus credit
  • Costs around $2-3 USD

Standard prepaid SIMs don’t come with any bundled credit. You’ll need to top-up the SIM initially with at least 100 HTG to activate it. The benefit is you can use the SIM as long as you keep topping it up without losing your number. Cost is lower upfront.

Both options allow you to purchase data packages, make calls and texts affordably. For short trips under 2 weeks, the Tourist SIM offers the best value if you’ll use the bonus credit. For longer visits, a standard prepaid SIM gives more flexibility since it doesn’t expire.

IV. Does Digicel Haiti Support eSIM?

Yes, Digicel Haiti launched eSIM support in 2021. eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM integrated into your phone that lets you activate service remotely without needing a physical SIM card.

To use Digicel eSIM in Haiti, you’ll need:

  • A compatible iPhone model (XS or newer) or Android phone (eSIM capable)
  • Digicel Haiti eSIM app installed (available on iOS/Android app stores in Haiti)
  • Valid form of identity verification required on app by GIGAGO also offers some reasonable eSIM options that you should explore if you want another option on the Digicel network in Haiti.

esim haiti plans

Firstly, plans are bought and activated directly online through a compatible device without need for store visits. They operate on the Digicel network that covers Haiti quite well.

V. Where To Buy a Digicel Haiti SIM Card and eSIM

To get a Digicel SIM card in Haiti, you have a few options:

  • Digicel company-owned stores and branded stores (safest option but limited locations)
  • Authorized dealers (most convenient option in major cities and tourist areas)
  • Retail stores, supermarkets, and markets (may run out of stock at times)
  • Airport kiosks on arrival (can be pricey)

In Port-au-Prince, Digicel’s branded stores at supermarkets like MegaMart are a reliable option. Purchasing at hotel shops or airport kiosks often come with higher pricing. Buying from local dealers is common and affordable.

VI. How to Activate Digicel Haiti SIM Card/eSIM

1. How to Activate Digicel Haiti Physical SIM Card

  • Insert SIM into unlocked phone
  • Turn on phone and let SIM initialize
  • Dial *122# to check SIM number
  • Dial *124*PIN# to unlock SIM (Default PIN is 0000)
  • Dial *131# to register SIM
  • Top-up SIM with credit via scratch card, e-top up, etc.
  • Enjoy Digicel service!

2. How to Activate Digicel Haiti eSIM

  • Install Digicel Haiti app on your phone
  • Complete profile setup and ID verification
  • Purchase Haiti eSIM pack in app
  • Scan eSIM QR code to download profile
  • Follow activation instructions shown in app
  • Top-up your eSIM via app or other method
  • Start using Digicel mobile service!

Activating an eSIM is quick and convenient since it’s managed in the app. Be sure to have a stable internet connection when activating to avoid issues.

VII. Digicel Call & SMS Rates in Haiti

Here are Digicel’s current rates for prepaid calling and texting within Haiti:

  • Calls to Digicel Haiti Mobiles: 1.96 HTG/min (~$0.02 USD/min)
  • Calls to Other Haiti Networks: 4.11 HTG/min (~$0.04 USD/min)
  • SMS to Haiti Numbers: 1.47 HTG (~$0.015 USD per SMS)

For international calls, rates start from 13 HTG/min (~$0.13 USD/min). Pick up a data package for affordable data rates. Low denomination top-ups are available to control spend. Overall, Digicel offers cost-effective prepaid rates in Haiti relative to other options.

VIII. Useful USSD Codes for Digicel Haiti SIM Card/eSIM

USSD codes are useful for checking your Digicel account balance and settings directly from your phone. Dial these codes and follow prompts:

  • *122# – Check Digicel number
  • *124*PIN# – SIM unlock (Default PIN is 0000)
  • *125# – Check SIM validity
  • *130# – Check balance
  • *131# – SIM registration
  • *133*9# – Check data balance
  • *134# – Check plan/pack details

USSD codes provide an easy way to get account info without needing to use the Digicel app. All codes work on both physical SIM and eSIM.

IX. How to Top-Up Your Digicel Haiti SIM Card

There are a few ways to add more credit (top-up) to your Digicel Haiti SIM:

Scratch Cards

Buy scratch card vouchers from stores and dealers in denominations like 100 HTG, 250 HTG, 500 HTG. Scratch to reveal code and dial *133*CODE# to redeem.

Electronic Top-Up

Various e-top up channels available:

  • Via Digicel Money super agents
  • Through authorized Digicel top-up dealers
  • Online using international top-up services
  • Via Digicel app using linked payment card (Haiti SIM only)

E-top up allows instant credit without needing scratch cards. Minimum is usually 100 HTG.

Auto-Top Up

Set up auto top-up on Digicel app to automatically add credit when your account hits a low balance. Keeps your SIM always topped up.

When purchasing top-ups, buy only what you need to avoid unused credit when leaving. For convenience, e-top up and auto-top up are best.

X. FAQs about Digicel Haiti SIM Cards

Does Digicel have stores in Haiti airports?

Yes, Digicel has retail shops at Port-au-Prince airport and some smaller regional airports. However, pricing is higher than off-airport locations. Better to buy locally in Haiti.

Can I use my Digicel SIM/eSIM from another country in Haiti?

No, Digicel SIMs and eSIMs are country specific. You need to purchase or activate a local Haiti SIM/eSIM from Digicel to use their network domestically.

Does my unlocked phone work on Digicel?

Most modern unlocked phones are compatible with Digicel in Haiti especially if they support 3G and 4G bands used locally. Check your phone specs to confirm compatibility.

How do I track my Digicel data usage?

You can track data usage by dialing *133*9# which will show your remaining data balance. The MyDigicel app also provides tools for monitoring data.

XI. Final Words

With their large network and affordable prices, Digicel is the best option for easy wireless service for travelers while in Haiti. The pre-paid SIM cards and eSIM plans give a more accessible option of connecting throughout Haiti for passing by clients. Ensure that you confirm their coverage in destinations and buy the right amount of data you can use. With adequate recharge, Digicel ensures continuous connection during your travel within Haiti.