Haiti’s main international airport is Toussaint Louverture International Airport situated in Port-au-Prince. A local SIM card at Toussaint Louverture airport will go a long way in ensuring you remain connected as you travel to Haiti. This is a guide to acquiring a Haitian sim card once you arrive at the airport.

SIM Card at Toussaint Louverture Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Toussaint Louverture Airport

where to buy a sim card at toussaint louverture airport

A SIM card is purchasable at Port-au-Prince-Toussaint Louverture International Airport. Digicel and Natcom’s official stores are among the places where you may purchase a Haitian SIM card.

Furthermore, other retailers which include groceries stores, pharmacies, and kiosks in the airport are also stocking SIM cards from Digicel and Natcom carrier’s stores. Natcom more specifically provides free SIM distributions at both PAP as well as CAP International Airports.

II. Toussaint Louverture Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

There are two major mobile services providers in Haiti, which are Digicel and Natcom.

For Digicel:

  • Without data bundle, standard rates are US$ 0.019/MB.
  • For US$ 0.03 it starts from 20MB for one day up to 30GB for US$ 15.07 with different time durations from one day to 30 days.

For Natcom:

  • US$ 0.068 has a data package of 60MB and is valid for one day while US$ 15.07 lasts for 30 days with a maximum of 25GB.

At the airport, both providers supply tourist SIM cards complete with a small data entitlement at the outset. Extra bonus data are available for 1-7 days, depending on the amount of top-ups. Outside packages/bonuses are standard rates.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Toussaint Louverture Airport

Here are a few tips on what to have ready when purchasing your Toussaint Louverture Airport SIM card:

  • Passport: When buying a SIM card in Haiti, you must present your passport for identification purposes.
  • Unlocked phone: To start using a Haitian SIM card, you will have to unlock your phone. Ensure that you talk to your home carrier before heading to another place.
  • Cash: Make sure you have some Haitian gourdes (HTG) available in order to buy a SIM card as well as to top up with credit initially. They are also widely acceptable in US dollars.
  • Activation instructions: You may ask for assistance from the kiosk attendant on activation of your SIM card and setup of data/calling plans.
  • Power adapter: In Haiti, plug adapter might be necessary for charging of a phone using the 110volt type A,B outlets.

Having these things beforehand will help you get a Toussaint Louverture Airport SIM card instantly.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Toussaint Louverture Airport

Although, physical SIM cards remain the usual option in Haiti, traveler’s seek eSIM technology as an easier way to connect abroad. Here are some benefits of using an eSIM service over a local SIM when arriving at Toussaint Louverture Airport:

how esimhaiti.com benefits you
  • No SIM card purchase needed: One does not even need to buy a physical SIM card on arriving.
  • Instant activation: eSIM plans can also be pre-purchased and activated online before travel, or once arrived in the destination via the app.
  • Multi-country service: It is possible for some eSIMs to provide services across multiple countries under one profile.
  • Short-term data plans: If you do not have to stay in a certain country for long, you can buy an eSIM data package for a couple of days of travel.
  • Easy switching: It is possible to change between your home SIM profile and eSIM profile without actually swapping the cards.
esim haiti plans

Major international eSIM service provider like esimhaiti.com by GIGAGO offers plans starting at $5 for 1GB of data for 3 days. Ensure that your phone has eSIM functionalities to take up this alternative upon landing at Toussaint Louverture Airport.


Do I need to purchase a SIM card at Toussaint Louverture airport?

No, you can also buy SIM cards from mobile provider stores and other retailers around Port-au-Prince and Haiti. Airport kiosks are just the most convenient option for getting connected right upon arrival.

How much does data cost on Haitian SIM cards?

Both Digicel and Natcom offer prepaid data packages starting around 150-200 HTG ($1-2 USD) for 1GB of data, going up to around 400 HTG for 5GB. Rates are affordable for most travelers’ budgets.

Can I use U.S. dollars to purchase a SIM card at Toussaint Louverture airport?

Yes, USD are widely accepted in Haiti. Just be aware that you may receive change back in gourdes if paying in USD cash.

Do I need to show ID to buy a SIM card at Toussaint Louverture airport?

Yes, you’ll be asked to show your passport as proof of ID when purchasing a SIM card in Haiti as a foreign traveler.

Do SIM cards work in unlocked phones?

Yes, you can use a Haitian SIM card in any unlocked GSM phone. Be sure your phone is unlocked with your home carrier before travel.

VI. Conclusion

You can buy a local Haitian SIM card upon arrival at Toussaint Louverture International airport, which is a simple procedure. You can purchase reasonably priced pre-paid voice and data SIM cards for both major providers Digicel and Natcom right in the airport’s arrivals area. 

Alternatively, you can turn to use of a short-term connectivity eSIM provider without a physical SIM. If you have a phone unlocked and a passport at hand, there is nothing to prevent enjoying your stay in Haiti starting with getting a Toussaint Louverture Airport SIM.