Natcom Mobile is one of the leading telecom operators in Haiti. With its wide coverage and relatively affordable rates, Natcom Mobile SIM cards are a great option for tourists visiting Haiti to stay connected. This guide provides key information about getting a Natcom Mobile SIM card or eSIM as a tourist in Haiti.

natcom mobile sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Natcom Mobile

quick facts about natcom mobile in haiti
  • Founded in 2010
  • Full name: Natcom S.A.
  • Services: Mobile telephony, mobile internet, SMS, international roaming
  • Over 4 million subscribers (estimated as of 2022)
  • Coverage: 95% population coverage in Haiti
  • Around 300 Natcom branded stores, over 50,000 retailers and agents nationwide

II. Natcom Mobile Coverage and Speed

1. Natcom Mobile coverage in Haiti

Natcom Mobile boasts coverage across most of Haiti. Its network reaches 95% of the population, covering all major cities and towns across the 10 departments of Haiti. Speed and connectivity may vary between urban and rural areas.

2. Natcom Mobile speed

Natcom Mobile offers 3G, 4G and 4G+ speeds across its network. In cities and towns, users can expect download speeds of 15-35 Mbps on 4G, going up to 70 Mbps and higher on 4G+ with compatible devices. The speeds may be slower in remote areas.

IV. Best Natcom Mobile SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

The best Natcom Mobile SIM card for most tourists is the Natcom Mobile tourist SIM. It includes:

  • SIM card (standard or micro/nano cut)
  • 200 local Haiti call minutes
  • 200MB mobile data
  • 7 days validity

The Natcom Mobile tourist SIM costs around $5. Additional top-up can be done to extend validity and add more minutes, texts, and data.

A regular prepaid SIM costs around $2, without any bonus allowance. Data-only SIM cards start from $1, with data-packs from 100MB ($1) to 5GB ($10).

V. Does Natcom Mobile Support eSIM?

Natcom Mobile does not currently support eSIM. While some mobile carriers have enabled eSIM capability on certain devices in recent years, Natcom has yet to launch this functionality.

Alternatively, international provider like by GIGAGO offers eSIM plans for travelers to Haiti.

Some of the plans available on include:

esim haiti plans
  • Haiti eSIM 3 Days
  • Haiti eSIM 5 Days
  • Haiti eSIM 7 Days
  • Haiti eSIM 14 Days
  • Haiti eSIM 30 Days

VI. Where Can You Buy a Natcom Mobile SIM Card?

Natcom Mobile SIM cards are easily available at:

  • Any Natcom branded store
  • Authorized Natcom retail agents (over 50,000 locations)
  • Touropolis kiosks at the airport
  • Large supermarkets like Promart, UniqCost, Caribbean Market
  • Some hotels can also arrange SIM card delivery

VII. How to activate Natcom Mobile SIM Card

  • Get an unlocked phone
  • Insert the Natcom SIM and turn on your phone
  • It will automatically configure and activate
  • Dial *122# to check balance and add top-up/data packs

VIII. Natcom Mobile Call & SMS Rates in Haiti

ServiceRatesIn US$
SMS Rate1.50 HTG per minute0.02
Standard Call Rate within Natcom Network1 HTG per SMS0.02
Calls to Other Networks2 HTG per SMS0.04

IX. Useful USSD codes for Natcom Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

USSD CommandUsage
*105#Choose an Xchange plan
*101#Check your prepaid account (phone number, SIM type, balance)
*102#Check your promotional account
*500#View all our promotions

X. How to Top-up Natcom Mobile SIM Card

To add talktime/data on your Natcom Mobile:

  • Top-up vouchers from stores and agents
  • Online payment on Natcom app/website
  • ATM, bank transfer, merchant payment
  • International top using recharge cards

Minimum top-up is 25 HTG. Data packs start from 15 MB for 25 HTG.

XI. Alternatives to Natcom Mobile

Other mobile networks available in Haiti include:

  • Digicel Haiti
  • Voila
  • Haitel

For tourists, Digicel also offers a visitor SIM card with bonus credit. Voila has the widest 4G coverage currently.

XII. FAQs about Natcom Mobile SIM Cards

Does Natcom Mobile work in other countries?

Yes, Natcom Mobile has international roaming in US, Canada, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic and some other Caribbean nations. Check roaming packs before travel.

Can I use WhatsApp/Facebook/Youtube?

Yes, Natcom Mobile has data access for all popular apps and websites. Social media and messaging are accessible.

Does Natcom SIM work on CDMA phones?

No, Natcom is a GSM network. Only unlocked GSM/LTE phones will work.

XIII. Final Thoughts

Natcom Mobile provides excellent coverage in Haiti and a range of connectivity options for visitors. Their tourist SIM card or eSIM are convenient choices to stay connected. With wide 4G coverage and affordable data rates, Natcom Mobile helps you share your travel stories while exploring this beautiful country!