Mobile connectivity in Haiti has seen rapid growth over the past decade, driven by increased demand for mobile data services. With several operators offering service, choosing the right one can be tricky for new subscribers. This article provides an overview of all the mobile operators in Haiti, enabling you to identify the most suitable option based on coverage, speed, pricing and other factors.

mobile operators in haiti

I. Main Mobile Operators in Haiti at a Glance

1. Natcom Mobile

Natcom is the largest mobile operator in Haiti with over 4 million subscribers. The company was formed in 2010 after the government authorized its creation as the successor to the state-owned Teleco. Natcom provides 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE services across all 10 departments of Haiti. Its network covers over 97% of the population.

2. Digicel

Digicel is a subsidiary of the Jamaica-based Digicel Group and is the second largest operator in Haiti with around 3.7 million subscribers. The company launched operations in Haiti in 2006 and provides a range of prepaid and postpaid mobile services over its nationwide 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE network.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operators in Haiti

Selecting the most suitable mobile operators in Haiti depends on a variety of factors:

Coverage and Reliability

The first priority is checking the coverage footprint of operators in your usage areas – home, office, frequent travel routes etc. Natcom generally has the widest coverage across Haiti while Digicel also has expansive reach. Haitel’s network has some gaps in rural regions.

Network Technology

4G/LTE provides fastest data speeds and best user experience for activities like streaming, downloads, mobile apps etc. Natcom and Digicel have the most comprehensive 4G networks currently.

Data Speeds/Performance

Real-world download/upload speeds vary based on location, network congestion and other aspects. Comparing operator data performance in your typical usage areas can be helpful in selecting one with fastest speeds.

Pricing and Plans

Evaluate the pricing and plan structure of operators in terms of upfront costs (connection fee, SIM cost etc), base rates, data packages, billing cycle etc. Usage patterns determine ideal plan choice.

Customer Service

Good customer service and user support are vital for resolving account issues. Assess response times, issue resolution effectiveness and accessibility of contact channels like call centers, stores, email, social media support etc.

III. Best Mobile Operators in Haiti – Detailed Comparison

NetworkCoverageNetwork PerformanceCostCustomer ServiceExtra BenefitsOverall Rating
NatcomWidest coverage footprint, including remote areas, with both 2G and 3G/HSPA+. Expanding 4G/LTE coverage.Edges ahead on reliability and speedsPlans from $0.45 for 60MB to $10 for 25GB through frequent promotions.Improving but still below DigicelBasic services only1st
DigicelExtensive voice coverage nationwide but some data gaps. 3G coverage in major cities only.Reliable but slower in congestionRange from $0.25 for 20MB to $10 for 30GB.Wins for smooth experienceLoyalty program and extras2nd


For most users in Haiti, Natcom represents the best overall choice amongst mobile operators due to its superior network coverage, good data speeds, reasonable pricing and improving customer service. Digicel is a close second with its high-quality network, better international roaming and loyalty rewards. Haitel provides lowest prices but has limitations in other aspects like data performance and rural presence.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Mobile Operators in Haiti?

Here are some options to purchase SIM cards from the top mobile operators in Haiti:

  • Natcom – SIM cards can be bought at Natcom stores across Haiti. Many authorized distributors also retail Natcom SIMs with new connections. Prepaid and postpaid SIMs have different pricing.
  • Digicel – Prepaid and postpaid Digicel SIM cards are available at Digicel Experience stores as well as third-party retailers and some supermarkets. Online purchase may also be available.

Ensure you carry proper documentation like ID proof when visiting the retail store to get new mobile connection. Having the SIM card delivered to your hotel or location in Haiti is also an option.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Haiti Offer eSIM?

eSIM or embedded SIM is the new technology standard that allows your mobile plan profile to be digitally downloaded onto compatible smartphones and devices. Physical plastic SIM cards are not required with eSIM activations.

Natcom and Digicel still do not offer eSIM services in Haiti. But with more devices having eSIM capability and growing global adoption, other local operators are also expected to introduce eSIM services soon. This will make getting mobile service more convenient for foreigners in Haiti.

As an alternative, travelers can consider purchasing an eSIM plan from by GIGAGO to have data connectivity in Haiti.

how benefits you offers Haiti eSIM plans as an alternative to physical SIM cards from local providers. Our prepaid data packages offer 1GB, 3GB or 5GB of high-speed 4G/LTE cellular data with validity periods ranging from 3 to 30 days. Coverage is nationwide on the Digicel network across Haiti as well as 24 other countries. Plans start at an affordable $27.90.

esim haiti plans

Installation is simple – travelers just need an eSIM-compatible device. Within minutes of purchase, Gigago provides a QR code via email as an alternative to visiting stores. Scanning this instantly activates the data plan, providing an alternative to physical SIM activation steps.


Which mobile operator in Haiti has the widest coverage?

Among mobile operators in Haiti, Natcom has the most extensive network footprint covering over 97% of the population across all departments in Haiti. Digicel also provides nationwide coverage but lags slightly behind Natcom in remote rural regions.

Which operator gives the fastest data speeds in Haiti?

Test metrics show Natcom having slightly better average LTE speeds compared to Digicel in most heavy usage locations, especially major cities and towns. Haitel’s 3G network offers lower speeds.

What documents do I need to get a new mobile connection in Haiti?

You will need a valid photo ID like passport, driving license or national identity card when signing up for prepaid/postpaid mobile service as a foreigner in Haiti. Proof of local address may also be required in some cases.

Can I use my unlocked smartphone from abroad in Haiti?

Yes, most GSM-compatible unlocked phones from US, Canada, Europe and other regions will work seamlessly on Haitian networks. Just get a local SIM card, install it in your phone and activate service. Confirm network compatibility with your operator.

Are discounts available on mobile plans in Haiti?

Operators periodically offer discounted deals on new activations, data packs, unlimited plans and other products. You can check for latest promotional offers on prepaid top-ups and postpaid connections. Bundle deals also lower effective costs.

VII. Final Words

Choosing the right mobile operator is key to maximizing coverage, speeds and savings when using mobile services in Haiti. Natcom, Digicel and Haitel each have their relative strengths and limitations. Assessing your usage requirements against the parameters discussed allows picking the operator that fits your needs and preferences the closest. Compare network quality in your local areas before deciding.